Birthday means new toys, fun for mom

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 17, 2003

NATCHEZ &045; Bonnie Matthews always wanted to have a little boy &045; but even she never realized how much fun it would be to throw a party for him.

But after the guests had cleared out and the cake was half eaten Sunday, Bonnie watched just turned 3-year-old Keith playing with everything from Bob the Builder toys to the balloons that decorated their living room on Baldwin Lane.

&uot;This is kind of the first year he realized it was his birthday,&uot; said Bonnie, who celebrated the event with her husband, Chris, several members of their family and some friends.

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The living room was littered with newly opened gifts &045; plastic airplanes, a toy aircraft carrier, Bob the Builder dolls, Disney videos and even Keith’s own new VCR.

But the party had had a definite theme.

&uot;He kind of got into Bob the Builder this year,&uot; Bonnie said, &uot;so I decided to have a Bob the Builder themed party.&uot;

Besides the toys and the blue and yellow balloons, the cake was decorated with the character, too.

&uot;I had a blast shopping for him,&uot; Bonnie said, laughing. &uot;I really got into it. I’m already planning for Christmas.&uot;

Bonnie said she remembers the &uot;cool toys&uot; she had as a child &045; especially the Easy Bake oven. It’s not likely Keith will ever get one of those, though.

&uot;It took me a while to get used to all the boy toys,&uot; she said. &uot;But I had always wanted a boy.&uot;

And on Sunday, Keith wasn’t interested in just the toys &045; he took great care in piling up all of his balloons so that he could climb behind them and kick them across the floor.

As Bonnie watched, she remarked that he hadn’t had a nap during his special day. Would that make him more tired?

&uot;I hope,&uot; she said, smiling.

And after that, she said, looking at all the new toys, &uot;I’ve got to figure out where to put these.&uot;