Wilk supervisors to take action against illegal garbage dumping

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 30, 2003

WOODVILLE &045; Pressured by the state Department of Environmental Quality to clean up illegal garbage dumps within its jurisdiction, the Wilkinson County Board of Supervisors voted Monday to post signs throughout the county warning dumping violators of stiff fines.

But how to catch the violators remains a question for board members.

&uot;It’s a violation with or without signs.

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It (the law) is there on the books and they can be punished for itŠThe problem with any dumping, though, is that you still have to put something in place to catch these people,&uot; said Board Attorney Ron Senko.

Fourth District Supervisor Robert Morgan said the DEQ has offered to pay half the salary of one county employee with the responsibility of gathering the evidence needed to prosecute dumping violators.

The board discussed the possibility of hiring someone new or designating a current employee for such a job&045;possibly from within county law enforcement&045;but took no formal action to fill the position.

Fifth District Supervisor W. G. Johnson said even small amounts of litter thrown from cars are causing big problems for the county.

&uot;We can’t even get through picking up the trash on one road before we have to turn around and pick it up again the very next day,&uot; said Johnson.

According to Section 97-15-29 of the Mississippi Code, those convicted of illegally dumping trash on roadsides shall be fined a minimum of $50 or a maximum of $250.

First offenders may also be required to remove the trash and

restore any damaged property, in addition to performing community service related to garbage cleanup.

The property restoration and community service requirements become mandatory for second or subsequent offenders.

Violators may also be required to pay costs incurred by investigators and prosecutors.

In other action, the board unanimously:

Authorized Purchasing Clerk

4Consandra Christmas to apply for a technical assistance grant to fund the study of preliminary plans for a new county jail.

4Voted to advertise for bids on more affordable health insurance coverage for county employees for the 2004 fiscal year.

4Declared Thursday, July 3, and Friday, July 4, official holidays for county employees.