Storm buffets Miss-Lou

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 30, 2003

NATCHEZ &045; After 57 mph winds whipped through Natchez in the early afternoon Saturday, many things were left in disarray.

The most serious report in the city was a tree limb that fell on a house on North Pearl Street. The tree apparently was struck by lightning as evidenced by the black, burnt look of the part that was displaced from the trunk of the tree.

Homeowner Don Williams, his wife Laurie and their two children were inside the house when the tree fell on it, collapsing the front porch and parts of the roof and second story.

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&uot;I’m in shock,&uot; Williams said as he looked at the huge limb from the pecan tree in his front yard. &uot;Thank God no one was hurt.&uot;

The Natchez police and Entergy came to survey the damage. No electrical lines were damaged.

Williams’ home suffered the most damage reported in the area, though one vehicle was damaged on Franklin Street when a strong wind blew a tree down across the top of the truck, according to the police report. The roof of the truck and the tailgate were damaged.

On Broadway Street, Blankenstein’s tin shed blew over,

a shed containing chlorine tanks and pool chemicals.

George Souderes, director of civil defense in Adams County, said the shed blew over, leaving everything inside untouched, and there was &uot;no release of any type of hazardous material.

Those three were the most serious cases of damage in the city.

Natchez Police Chief Mike Mullins said other than those, there were two reports of trees down and there were no reports of injuries because of the storm.

Souderes said he knew of nothing else in the county except minor limbs down.

In the civil defense office’s weather station, located at State Street and South Wall Street, the peak wind factor measured 57 miles per hour and the rain gauge showed only three-tenths of an inch.

Souderes said the system moved into Wilkinson County once it left Adams County.