School board considers extension for recreation group

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 15, 2003

NATCHEZ &045;&045; A Recreation Commission recommendation and liability release from Durham School Services were two of three items tabled Thursday by the Natchez-Adams School Board at its regular meeting.

The Recreation Commission’s recommendation was to extend its life another year, through 2004. At school board attorney Bruce Kuehnle’s request, the board tabled the item until it could discuss the matter with the two entities that fund the commission and appoint its members &045;&045; the Adams County Board of Supervisors and the Natchez Board of Aldermen.

A second item tabled was a request for a contract to release the school district from liability with regards to a vehicle Durham School Services uses. H. Wayne Barnett, director of student services and safety, said there was a verbal agreement with Durham that the company could use two trucks that were inventoried by the school district. Right now, without any written contract, the liability of the vehicles falls on the district. Durham wants to keep one vehicle &045;&045; a Chevrolet truck. The request is for a contract to be drawn up to relieve the school district of the liability.

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Kuehnle advised the board not to accept this recommendation if the two trucks were not part of the original contract between the school district and Durham.

The board tabled the item until it could be determined if the trucks were part of the original contract. &uot;The only group that can enter into contracts for this school district is these five,&uot; Dr. Norris Edney, school board president, said of the board.

A third tabled item was not presented Thursday &045;&045; permission to accept offer on clay roofing tiles/Braden. The consent item was &uot;fundamentally tabled,&uot; being deleted from the agenda.

A request to do additional work to the gym floor at Robert Lewis Middle School also was deleted from Thursday’s agenda prior to the meeting. The board passed permission to enter into an agreement with Positive Choice for anger management, values and choices, conflict resolution and interpersonal communication skills classes, pending clearance of a new contract

more definitely outlining the amount of money to be paid for the service.

&045;&045; using the amount per session plus the left out portion on the contract, the number of sessions per week.

Other items that passed Thursday included:

4 Final amended budget for 2002-2003.

4 Request to park a mobile home on school property at Susie B. West Primary School.

4 Personnel report, including the resignation of Assistant Superintendent Mary Kate Garvin.

4 Request from Mississippi Forestry Commission to pay for road maintenance on 16th section property.

4 Approval of professional development activity for 2003-2004.

4 Resolution for ad valorem tax request to the Board of Supervisors.

4 Request to approve change order for McLaurin bleachers which could not be installed until the bid for the gym floor was approved.

4 Acceptance of P & R Construction bid to reroof and install new gutters at the Steckler Multipurpose Building and repair the roof at Morgantown Library.