AC’s Williams has career night in loss

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 17, 2003

You had to think at some point Jackson Prep would have taken the Barry Bonds approach to Glenn Williams Thursday night and just walked the guy for crying out loud.

Even when Williams did walk in his last at-bat on four straight pitches, in the first game of the doubleheader where ACCS got swept, they weren’t intentional.

It looked as if Prep reliever Jo Jo Tann would’ve hung one of those breaking pitches a lil’ bit higher Williams was going to put another Olympic ring in the sky to join the other four he hit previously into the night.

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&8220;The first time I was just trying to get a hit, but after that I guess I wanted to hit the ball hard,&8221; said Williams, who finished with seven RBIs. &8220;Every time I swung it felt good.&8221;

I should say so. Count Bassie and his orchestra couldn’t make swinging feel as good as Williams made it look Thursday night.

Each time Prep would pull ahead, no one at Rebel field counted their boys out of it because with one swing of Williams’ bat the game could be close again.

And the feeling was contagious. Three other AC starters homered, including back-to-back jobs twice where Williams either finished off or started one.

&8220;Every time we’d come up to bat we’d get two or three runs and I thought we were going to take the game away,&8221; said Williams, who had a double in the 10-8 nightcap that the Patriots took as well. &8220;Prep came back though with those six runs in the last inning and we were sunk.&8221;

Now AC has to sit and wait to see if the baseball gods can sprinkle some magical infield dust to get the Rebels into the playoffs.

The Rebels certainly need Prep to get swept by Parklane and then have the Patriots lose to Copiah.

&8220;We just have to sit back and hope something can happen,&8221; Williams said. &8220;We need to wish for a miracle because we’re at the bottom right now.&8221;

His team may be low, but the junior who hit a buzzer beater in basketball to knock off Prep, is on top of the world.

He said the two shining moments cannot be compared because the homers were for naught.

&8220;I’ve never been in a zone like that. That was crazy,&8221; said a still shaken Williams. &8220;Every time I hit it felt solid.&8221;

Williams said after his initial two home runs, the baseball was looking bigger than a cantaloupe.

He locked and loaded in the box for every first pitch, but usually came up with air.

&8220;After that I just let whatever was going to happen, happen,&8221; Williams said. &8220;I was in shock, but it didn’t hit me until after the game when people kept coming up to me. I wasn’t thinking about it in the batter’s box.&8221;

Williams, who played first base, center field, right field and even came into pitch in the second game, got to enjoy the moment with fans after the three-hour first game came to a halt when David Trisler flew out.

No rest for the weary, though, as both teams came back to play another game that seemed to go on for eternity.

&8220;After the first one I was like, &8216;Gaw lee,’ and then the second one was just as long,&8221; Williams said. &8220;And to lose both of them was really devastating.&8221;

We know one thing. If Prep sees AC again this year, Glenn better be prepared to hear ball four plenty of times.

Chuck Corder

is a sports writer for The Natchez Democrat. You can reach him at (601) 445-3633 or by e-mail at