Books of marriage information, church minutes now available

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Mississippi’s own Pioneer Publishing Company has just released three new genealogy volumes of interest to Mississippi researchers compliled by Evelyn Crouch and Christie Genola.

The first, Montgomery County, Mississippi Marriage Index Book 1900-1955, covers white males and females who applied for marriage licenses in Montgomery County, MS., during this period.

The names included are given in alphabetical order and the listings include the volume and page number where each license may be found. The paperback is 150 pages long and sells for $25 including tax and shipping.

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The second work is Grenada County, Mississippi Marriage Index Book, which is actually Book I of the Grenada County marriage records. This volume also lists both male and female applicants for marriage licenses alphabetically giving page numbers where licenses may be found. This paperback version is 145 pages and also lists for $25 which includes tax and shippin g.

The third volume, Hayes (Hays) Creek Church Minute Book 1886-1944, Montgomery County, Mississippi, records the church minutes taken during this 60 year period.

The minutes record the details of church activities, members joining or leaving the church, pastors and events. The history of Hays Creek Church by Mr. Elbert Land and Charles Pinkney Adair is also included.

This 158 page paperback is fully indexed and sells for $25 which includes shipping and tax.

All volumes may be ordered through Pioneer Publshing Company at P.O. Box 408, Carrollton, MS 38917 or by calling 662-237-6010.


… .Russell Erik Boler (#26439 Unit-17, Parchman, MS 38738) is searching for information on the BOLER family around the Philadelphia, MS area. He is searching for information on a book on the Boler family in that area that is already in publication. Is any reader familiar with such a publication?

Russell is the son of HAROLD LANE BOLER who had a brother, DAVID BOLER. These brothers are from the Hattiesburg and Seminary area. Does anyone have information to share on this book or this family?

… Emory Reese (Roswell, GA;

) needs help with her research on his maternal grandmother who was born in Saltillo, MS in 1885. On earlier records she is listed as CORDELIA BURK(E) and later as HELEN BURK(E). One of her surviving children remembers her as “Helen” and that is the name on her tombstone. Her New Mexico death certificate lists her father as JOHN BURK and her mother as SARAH HARRIS. Census records state that her mother was born in MS and her father in TN. It is believed that she was 1/4 or 1/8 Native American. Sometime before 1905 she married or began living with PERRY JEFFERSON JOHNSON who was born in Warren County, GA in 1869. Mr Reese’s mother, RUBY ESTELL JOHNSON, was born in 1905 in Wood County TX. Her second child, Steve, was born in Haskell, TX, in 1907. Despite a diligent search no marriage records can be found for Helen in any areas she was known to have lived. Her first spouse, P. J. Johnson, died May 21, 1917, in Foard County, TX. Helen subsequently married, or began living with JAMES W. WALLEN, and lived for a short time in Oklahoma before moving to Roosevelt County, NM where she died in 1937. Can any reader help with family histories of the Burk(e) or Harris families from Lee or adjacent counties in Mississippi. Mr. Reese is willing to share miscellaneous expenses for gathering information and will gladly share his information with others.

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