Dobson works a big boon to descendants of Scots-Irish

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 17, 2003

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, we all tend to develop &uot;green&uot; roots of one sort or another. And green roots can come from surprising places!

According to some estimates, as many as 100,000 Scotsmen were re-settled by the British government in the Irish Plantation of Ulster during the 17th century. During the turn of the next century, the descendants of many of these Ulster Scots, better known as the Scotch-Irish, would play a major role in diversifying the population of the British colonies and, in particular, in opening up the American frontier to European settlement.

Scotch -Links, 1575-1725, Parts One, Two and Three by David Dobson were assembled to help persons of Scotch-Irish descent make the linkage first to Ulster and then back to Scotland.

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Parts One and Two are compiled from primary sources at the Scottish Record office in Edinburgh, as well as from various burgess rolls, register, and prerogative court records in Aberdeen, Dunbarton, Glasgow, Inveraray , London, and Canterbury. The work identifies some 1,200 Scotsmen (in two alphabetically arranged lists) who resided in Ulster between the early 1600’s and the early 1700’s.

Part Three draws upon primary source material in the British Museum in London, The Public Record Office, and Trinity College in Dublin, the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland in Belfast, as well as Scottish sources not consulted for the early volume.

For this book, Mr. Dobson was able to add an additional 2,500 Scots-Irish names. This volume and its predecessors make the task of researching Scotch-Irish roots a great deal easier!

Parts One and Two are combined in one diminutive volume of 58 pages, while Part Three is a substantial 202 page paperback. Both volumes are available through Clearfield Company for $11.50 and $22.50 respectively.

Orders may be placed by mail at 200 East Eager Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 or by phone at 410-625-9004. Shipping is $3.50 for the first book, $1.25 for each additional one.


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