Festival broadens appeal with new name

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 17, 2003

As Natchez looks to broaden its opportunities in economic development, we can’t overlook what we have to offer in non-traditional areas such as tourism and the arts.

The Natchez Opera Festival is looking to do just that as it broadens its focus for the 2004 season and takes on the new name Natchez Festival of Music.

The new name &045; and the open-minded attitude of the board which has faithfully shepherded this festival to what it is today &045; will almost certainly help attract new visitors and new fans of the festival.

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The new name provides new opportunities for marketing that will hopefully fill the house for each performance.

For example: During its main programs in May, the opera festival will add a weekend of jazz in addition to opera and Broadway.

The result will appeal to a wider variety of music fans. Since the main part of the festival is spread out over a month, the performances will attract different visitors.

And, just as important, local residents will be able to enjoy a variety of shows.

The opera festival &045; excuse us, Festival of Music &045; has been an integral part of the Natchez community since its inception. With educational programs that bring the arts to local school children and top-quality shows that bring a bit of Broadway or the Met to the rest of us, it is an important tool for our tourism market as well as our sense of quality of life.

We wish the festival board great luck in promoting this new aspect of the event.

And we look forward to the upcoming shows as well.