It’s not election day, but we should vote

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 17, 2003

We’ll be careful to point out one thing: Today is not election day. Candidates on the ballot today are seeking the nominations of their parties in Republican and Democratic primaries.

But that does not make today’s voting process any less important.

Arguably, what happens today &045; statewide and in Adams County &045; will help set up much of the general election politics in November.

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Any student of political science can tell you how the various races are connected through turnout from the primary to the general election.

The outcome of the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor, for example, could have great impact on the governor’s race in November, depending on which party and which candidate gets out the vote.

Predicting election outcomes is like playing connect the dots &045; follow the votes and you win.

But in the end, while politics may be a game, governing is not. We have to choose the candidates who will best represent us.

So to us, the most important endorsement we can make today is that you simply go to the polls and vote. The candidates we choose today will have a great impact on the way we live in Mississippi and in Adams County.

Voting is not your right unless you exercise it.