Roto Ducks, outdoors wear hot gift items for hunters

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 17, 2003

NATCHEZ – With Christmas just two days away, some people are in a rush to finish their last-minute shopping.

That even holds true for wives in this area whose husbands are hunters.

Whether it be clothes, boots, caps, duck calls or other outdoors equipment, some hunters’ wives decided to wait until Dec. 25 arrives to give their loved ones that special Christmas gift.

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But what are the most popular hunting items for wives to give their loved one this Christmas?

Ritchie Arnold, salesman at Sports Center-Rex Sporting Goods in Natchez, mentioned several good items.

“Roto Ducks have been selling real well. Duck calls have been selling real well,” he said. “Mossy Oak came out with a new sweat shirt. It’s been selling well,” he said.

Arnold said that in addition to the sweat shirt, the hunters’ wives have also been buying a lot of different types of caps.

He also said the store has been selling a lot of clothing such as insulated parkas, insulated bibs and socks.

“We’ve sold quite a few gun cases. We’ve got a new gun safe,” he said.

He said that some of the wives have bought the gun safes for their husbands as a surprise gift.

And for the hunter that has everything, Arnold said the store has been selling a lot of Sports Center gift certificates.

Arnold said that business during the holiday season has been down a bit from last year.

“Sept. 11 had a lot do with that,” he said. “Plus another factor has been the warm weather.”

He did say, however, that sales have picked up recently due to the return to cooler weather. &160;