U.S. troops need support from home

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 17, 2003

While we enjoyed a rain-induced respite from the heat Tuesday &045; and our counterparts in Europe complained about temperatures in the 90s &045; it was 120 degrees in the desert in Iraq.

And our U.S. troops found out they will be expected to serve there for at least a year.

It could not have been welcome news for the troops or their families, some of whom have criticized the government lately for keeping troops overseas as long as they have.

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But as much as we all want them home, our troops have a job to do. When they signed up to serve, they knew this was a possibility, especially after Sept. 11 changed our view of war.

And improvements to soldiers’ lives are coming slowly &045; better air conditioning, better food, access to television and the Internet.

Still, we can understand the soldiers’ frustration &045; and the frustration of their families. They have been apart for months without word when the servicemen and women will return.

And the dangers they face every day, with Iraqis skeptical of the U.S. intervention, reminds us what a sacrifice the soldiers are making for their country.

But our servicemen and women need support, not complaints to the military brass. They have signed on for a duty, and they must complete it.

As Spc. Jeff Ross said: &uot;I think we can do it. If it cools off a little bit, it’ll be all right.&uot;