All candidates should address tort reform

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 30, 2003

A year after the Mississippi Legislature’s marathon special session on medical malpractice reform, tort reform efforts have not ceased.

We were glad to see two candidates for statewide office including tort reform in their platforms on Tuesday as they visited Natchez.

We hope that other candidates will let voters know their opinions on medical malpractice and civil justice reform. State lawmakers got a good start on the topic last year, but we still have work to do.

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The issue of medical malpractice reform began in many ways as a grassroots effort right here in Adams County, as our doctors and other medical professionals pleaded with state leaders to take up the issue in a special session.

The reforms passed for medical malpractice reform have only not yet taken effect in the form of lower insurance rates, but doctors did not expect to see relief for about a year and a half.

The Legislature also must address civil justice reform for businesses, which also have borne the brunt of frivolous lawsuits and too-high jury rewards.

As we near the November election, we will continue to ask statewide candidates their opinions about tort reform and the need to keep it on the top of the list of Mississippi’s priorities.

We encourage all of the candidates to step up and tell us what they will do to keep healthcare options open and keep businesses coming to the state.