Glynn, Jernigan, Smith in the running for District 5A spot

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 9, 2003

Roads and drainage &045; those are the nuts-and-bolts issues District 5, Place A constituents are concerned about, and ones the candidates for that Police Jury post said they will address.

Don Glynn

If elected to the Police Jury, Don Glynn said his priority would be to investigate to see where existing funds could be reallocated to make more money available for road and drainage improvements.

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&uot;I just feel there should be money in there to work on it,&uot; Glynn said, adding that police jurors should be fiscally accountable.

To help bring more jobs into the parish, Glynn said he would like to see a person or committee appointed from the jury to work hand-in-hand with economic development officials.

One type of industry he would like to see Concordia parish pursue is an ethanol plant. &uot;All our farmers could bring grain into it,&uot; Glynn said.

Still, he said, &uot;I’d like to see progress on bringing more industries in here instead of just farming, to bring more jobs in so we can keep folks at home.&uot;

Glynn said he believes a former three-year term as police juror gives him needed experience to be the next District 5, Place A representative.

&uot;During that time, we were able to get a good garbage contract Š and managed to start a recycling program,&uot; he said. &uot;Now, it’s like we’ve stagnated.&uot;

Jimmy Jernigan

Jimmy Jernigan, if elected to the Police Jury, said he would pursue additional funds for the things the district’s residents are most concerned about &045; drainage and roads.

&uot;A lot of people I talk to say the ditches were dug quite a few years ago and have never been maintained since,&uot; Jernigan said.

In addition, Jernigan said he would work to get more sewage improvements in his area if he is elected.

And pursuing grant funds would be the way to raise money for such projects, Jernigan said, &uot;because people aren’t going for taxes. And there’s grant money out there for a lot of things.&uot;

Although he feels the jury’s main task is public works maintenance, Jernigan said he would work along with economic development officials to bring industries into the area.

&uot;When the kids graduate, they’ve got to leave. If you don’t work offshore, there’s nothing around here for you when it comes to jobs,&uot; Jernigan said.

Jernigan said his experience doing dredging work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and his willingness to address constituents’ complaints are what make him an ideal candidate.

Rodney Smith

If he’s re-elected, Rodney Smith said he will push for a redistribution of the taxes the parish already has.

That, he said, would free up existing funds dedicated to other uses, like public works and drainage, for road improvements. &uot;Of course, we would have to have an election on it,&uot; Smith said, adding the jury has gotten grants to help with such needs.

&uot;But that would free up highway monies so we could create a long-range plan for road maintenance,&uot; Smith said, noting the parish does not have a road tax. &uot;Smearing hot mix (on potholes) is only putting a Band-Aid on the problem.&uot;

Smith said he will work with area mayors in an attempt to get new industries to Concordia Parish.

Smith points to the jury’s accomplishments in recent years, from replacing worn-out equipment to cutting maintenance costs to extending the parish’s garbage contract. &uot;And we’ve been watching the money close and trying to spend it wisely,&uot; he said, adding &uot;I’m proud we’ve had clean audits.&uot;

Smith also said his 17 years of experience in parish public works, including time as public works superintendent, and eight years as juror &uot;gives me a hands-on approach.&uot;