City, county need to discuss consolidation

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 5, 2003

We were glad to see the Natchez Board of Aldermen and the Adams County Board of Supervisors finally come to an agreement Wednesday on fire protection outside city limits.

Perhaps the boards can try to get this kind of thing resolved a lot earlier next time. Instead, the issue was resolved the day before the previous interlocal fire agreement actually ended.

In their hour and a half meeting Wednesday, aldermen and supervisors spent some time trading volleys on how taxpayers’ money is spent inside and outside the city limits. Supervisors said county residents pay for city facilities and vice versa.

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While it wasn’t the topic at hand, such examples point right to the need to discuss consolidation of city and county governments.

We’re in the right position now to consider such a proposal. Both governments will be hit hard with International Paper’s closure, and both governments continue to share certain services and needs.

We’re ready for a public discussion on consolidation, but when it’s time for action, aldermen and supervisors are going to have to make the first move.

Limbaugh injects race into arena where it wasn’t needed

Lucky for Donovan McNabb his record as a quarterback speaks for itself. Sure, he’s had a rough few games this season, but he didn’t deserve the kind of criticism with which Rush Limbaugh has saddled him.

Limbaugh, speaking on his new ESPN gig Sunday morning, claimed McNabb has had a free pass from the media who wanted a black quarterback to succeed.

Never mind that seven starting quarterbacks on Sunday were black &045;&045; not the least of whom is Alcorn’s own Steve McNair, now the standout quarterback for the Titans &045;&045; and that you have to be an elite player just to be considered for the NFL.

Limbaugh’s comments were baseless and ridiculous, although it is also ridiculously over the top to turn his words into a presidential campaign issue (candidates Wesley Clark and Howard Dean both called for his firing).

McNabb’s playing has not been stellar this season, and we suspect the fans in Philadelphia have shown their displeasure.

But Limbaugh’s argument was tired the first time around, back when black quarterbacks in the NFL were actually a new thing.