Forget about the mud and get out and vote

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 5, 2003

If voters can dig their way out from under the mud that’s been slung by the Republican and Democratic candidates for Mississippi governor, we certainly hope they can find their way to the polls today to vote in state and local elections.

All kidding about campaign tactics aside, we hope voters can put the TV ad wars behind them and choose the candidates they believe will best lead our state and our county.

If you overlook some of the ways in which they have delivered their messages, both candidates for governor have offered some solutions for fixing our economic problems &045; both and home and statewide. They have spoken about other issues of importance to Adams County and Mississippi residents &045; crime, tort reform, education, health care.

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It is up to us now to decide who will best lead Mississippi into the future and, we all hope, out of the current slow economy.

It is also up to us to decide who will help lead Adams County, which has its own economic problems to solve.

So we encourage everyone who is registered to get to the polls today to vote. Exercise your right to have a say in who governs.

The dirty politics can make it difficult to see sometimes, but when you strip it down to its most basic, our democratic process is a pretty amazing thing. And we’d hate to see anyone left out.