Volunteers show curb appeal is important

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 5, 2003

We were more than pleased to see so many people involved last Friday in a cleanup effort downtown &045; with volunteers from the community, workers from Isle of Capri and City of Natchez Public Works employees, the event drew a crowd to help spruce up downtown.

Their involvement at the event &045; which was sponsored by the Natchez Downtown Development Association &045; shows how important folks think it is to have a clean downtown.

We applaud their effort, but we wish that volunteer work

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wasn’t the only effort we were praising.

While the volunteerism is valuable, we still believe the core work of maintaining a clean downtown area belongs to the city.

It was good to see crews from public works on the scene Friday, but cleaning up downtown &045; which means everything from picking up litter to fixing broken sidewalks to cleaning up eyesore buildings &045; deserves more.

We don’t want in any way to diminish our appreciation for the volunteers, but we think they need more help on a daily and weekly basis from the city.

Someone in our city government needs to adopt the issue of curb appeal and make it a top priority by creating an action plan and following through with it. This issue isn’t just about making sure our city looks pretty, it’s about attracting businesses and visitors &045; and keeping them.