West Primary students shake, rattle and roll

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 17, 2003

NATCHEZ &045;&045; Tucked away in Santa’s workshop, up at the North Pole, the elves even have their scuffles that Santa has to solve.

Tuesday morning at Susie B. West Primary School three kindergarten classes presented &uot;The Elves’ Impersonator,&uot; a play about an elf that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest.

&uot;Have you seen that new elf?&uot; one of the pointy-eared characters asks.

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&uot;He’s always got that guitar with him,&uot; another elf answers.

&uot;Maybe he’s not really an elf at all,&uot; one elf pondered.

&uot;Maybe he’s an elf impersonator,&uot; one guessed as the whole crew gave a gasp.

And in walks the impersonator, Elfis himself. Dressed in a gold and white cap with a white shirt and pants and a gold cape and belt, this elf is dressed up and looked down upon.

But, the other elves just thought he looked &uot;funny&uot; and &uot;ridiculous.&uot;

So what did Elfis do? He sang, &uot;Boo hoo, I’m blue,&uot; brought down the house with a guitar solo and shook his hips like the king himself.

The reindeer, little heads sticking out of green costumes with antlers on their heads, told the elves to accept Elfis’ differences.

&uot;We accepted the one with the red nose. We thought he as an imposter,&uot; one reindeer told the elves, who had run Elfis off.

&uot;Elfis has left the building!&uot; one elf answered when Santa Claus asked where he was.

&uot;He was almost an elf-sicle,&uot; a reindeer replied.

The children sang, &uot;Look past faces, look past clothes … let us all be kind, let us cause no pain or harm, let us walk arm in arm.&uot;

The elves gave in, said their apologies and joined Elfis in a song, &uot;Santa Claus Rock.&uot;

They clapped their hands, stomped their feet and shook their hips, which brought a wave of laughter to the cafeteria full of students each and every time they shook their hips.

Elfis shook so hard, his Santa cap and curly hair almost fell off.

But where did this kindergarten Elvis get his moves?

&uot;They picked me (to be Elfis) because I already knew how to do the moves,&uot; Lyndon Ivory said.

But, he conceded that janitor Debra Fuller, who is a big Elvis fan, taught him how to shake those hips.

Fuller said she told Ivory, not just to stand there but to &uot;put some movement in it.&uot;

&uot;If I could have gotten him to do the lip … &uot; Fuller said, that would have topped it all off.

&uot;You have to make it fun for the kids,&uot; she added, although she did admit to having fun herself.

Ivory was not the lone star of this show with much help from music teacher Bobbye Wynn and a ton of crewmembers to make it possible.

&uot;It was a whole school project,&uot; Wynn said. From the backdrop, drawn and designed by Shannon Rojo to the security guard putting up the set’s Christmas tree.

Wynn said she chose this play because it had a character education basis, teaching children not to judge people by the way they look. Purchasing the play from an Entergy grant the school received, Wynn thought the lesson was important.

&uot;Plus, everybody loves Elvis,&uot; Wynn said.

And they certainly did Tuesday.