What to do with the tree now?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 14, 2004

When the holiday season is through and it is time to take down decorations, one question remaining may be how to dispose of the live Christmas tree sitting in the living room.

For Concordia Parish residents, the answer is as easy as putting the tree out for garbage pickup. The sanitation department in Vidalia will pick up the Christmas trees and then they chip them and shred them. But, many people will use them to put in area ponds or lakes.

The trees, if put in bodies of water, can create a healthy fish habitat. Sanitation worker Archie Williams said many residents will recycle their trees this way and some even take them from the department to use.

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In Ferriday, Preferred Transport started Jan. 1 and partner Louis Jones said they will pick up the trees if left out for garbage pickup. Since Preferred Transport also works in Adams County, not in the Natchez City limits, county residents can leave their trees for pickup as well.

In the other areas of the parish, owner John Bunning said Diamond Disposal also will pick up Christmas trees left for garbage pickup.

However, in the city of Natchez, Waste Management only will pick up garbage that is bagged up or limbs up to four feet long and four inches in diameter.