Pics to help attract new industries

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 15, 2004

FERRIDAY &045;&045; Entergy Corp. and Macon Ridge Economic Development Region already work together toward economic development. But on Wedneday they added something new for recruiting &045;&045; aerial pictures of the region’s four ports.

The pictures, which are now hung in the office of Tana Trichel, president and CEO of Macon Ridge, are tools the region can use to recruit businesses, Trichel said. Entergy has been a longtime partner with Macon Ridge.

Entergy donated the pieces to Macon Ridge, even getting them framed for hanging. And the lightweight photos can be taken off of the walls to go to an industry or site.

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In fact, Trichel said they already have been used on a site visit.

&uot;It would take them a day, if not more, to take them (an industrial prospect) around and they still would not get the perspective,&uot; Trichel said.

The photos not only show the four ports &045;&045; Tallulah, St. Joseph, Columbia and Lake Providence &045;&045; but the areas surrounding them.

&uot;It is important to show the land available around the ports,&uot; Trichel said. &uot;That shows what is available and what proximity (to the port).&uot;

And the photos show what kind of ports they are &045;&045; slack water or on the river.

Wyly Gilfoil, Lake Providence Port director, said slack water ports are similar to lakes where barges can handle cargo more safely.

Entergy and Macon Ridge team up many times on recruitment trips as well as going to trade shows that lead to industrial recruitment.

Entergy is interested in &uot;helping grow Louisiana and that’s what economic development is all about,&uot; said Philip Seghers, senior account executive of economic development for the corporation.

There are three facets to Entergy’s involvement with economic development, Seghers said &045;&045; analysts and research, economic development recruiting and community development.