High stakes call for longer school hours

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 17, 2004

High stakes call for tough measures. On Tuesday, public schools in Ferriday will start extended hours in order to tutor students in additional skills that school officials hope will boost the district’s test scores.

Three of four Ferriday schools, excluding Ferriday High School, are in school improvement, meaning they did not meet state standards in some areas.

And if the schools do not improve after testing this year, they can be moved to the second level of school improvement, with teams of experts coming into the district to assist.

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Eventually, schools that don’t meet state-set goals for improving scores could see enrollment fall as parents are given the right to transfer their children to schools that meet testing goals.

After that, schools that still don’t meet such goals could lose their state funding.

To help prevent such drastic measures, tutoring hours have been added to the school day in Ferriday.

Some parents are concerned that such long hours will take children’s time away from other worthwhile activities.

Others have said they did not get the chance to give their input on the extended hours plan.

And extended hours aren’t enough &045;&045; the district must also check to make sure the schools’ regular hours are also being used efficiently to teach students the basics they need to know.

That said, we support the Concordia Parish School District’s move to give its students in Ferriday additional instruction that can give them an extra edge in life as well as on the tests. We urge parents, faculty and staff to give it their support as well.