Take healthy steps even without shot

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 17, 2004

Looking for a flu shot? Well, you’ve likely missed your chance in Concordia Parish or Adams County, at least for a while.

Because of an unexpectedly high number of cases early this year, the Miss-Lou &045; along with most other areas &045; has used all of its vaccines. The county and parish are hoping to get more of the medicine, but that might not be possible since the flu shot makers themselves have run out.

This isn’t a case in which anyone can assign blame &045; the companies that make the flu vaccine base their needed dosages on the previous year.

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Last year’s cases were not as bad as the beginning of this season has been, and many more people than usual signed up to get their shots.

Since it takes several months to develop a batch of the vaccines, the flu season would be over before new shots are available.

If anything, the remaining flu shots should go to those people at greater risk of developing severe side effects &045; the elderly and small children.

Even without the vaccine, there are ways to help prevent the illness, which can be particularly severe for the elderly and small children.

4Contact your personal health care provider to ask about the availability of Flu Mist, a nasal spray form of the flu vaccine, or anti-viral medications.

4Practice good personal hygiene. Wash your hands and avoid putting your fingers and hands in your eyes and mouth.