The Dart: Youth face off in Yu-Gi-Oh

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 30, 2004

Anyone who thinks all young people do these days is park themselves in front of the television has never seen the duals that take place among the teens and pre-teens on Lynn Street in Vidalia on a Sunday afternoon. There, in Kristin Dennis’ carport, they pit more than 20 types of monsters against each other in a fight to the death &045;&045; all part of a trading card game called &uot;Yu-Gi-Oh.&uot;

Both players start out with 8,000 life points at the beginning of a dual, friend Eric Heilig explained. Participants can play a variety of monsters against each other and use other cards to cast spells, change the playing field, set traps or otherwise one-up their opponent. Whoever loses all their life points loses the match. And these players are serious about their game.

Heilig unleashes monsters with names such as &uot;Big Koala&uot; and &uot;Apache&uot; on player Jamie Trujillo.

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Trujillo fights back with a card called &uot;Blue Eyes, White Dragon.&uot;

A standard game between two players lasts only a matter of minutes. Or, for the die-hards, a match with more than three players &uot;can take one-and-a-half hours,&uot; Trujillo said. Perfect for killing time on a lazy Sunday..