Ferriday students honor local veterans at program

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 14, 2004

FERRIDAY &045; Veterans at Ferriday High School Thursday got some of the appreciation they deserve.

Over 20 local veterans, personally invited by FHS students, had a front row seat to see the younger generation pay tribute to their service.

The program, which included two soloists and a presentation by the JROTC, included a history of all of America’s wars and the role the veterans played in each.

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Speaker Clarence Hymon, a veteran who works in administration for the district, reminded the students of the freedoms they have.

&uot;You are guaranteed the right to listen to your rap music,&uot; Hymon said. &uot;You are guaranteed the right to watch TV. In some countries they don’t have those rights. You are a free agent.&uot;

Hymon told the students that he didn’t realize the importance of the military until he spent two years in the service after being drafted.

&uot;I feel proud, I feel good,&uot; he said. &uot;Because I am a part of the greatest country on the face of the earth.&uot;

Students worked to put Thursday’s program on, doing everything from decorations to spotlights.

Amber Frazier, who participated in the oral history of the military, said the program was important to her to show appreciation to the veterans.

&uot;I want to thank them for fighting for our lives,&uot; Frazier said. &uot;Thank them for all our freedom.&uot;

Master of Ceremonies Dra’Carl Walker, a 10th-grader, said he and the other students worked hard to prepare for the program.

&uot;We worked so hard at it,&uot; Walker said. &uot;It is just something in return to all the veterans for what they did in the service.&uot;

Krystal Anderson said she could tell the veterans in the audience were impacted by their tribute.

&uot;I think it meant something to them to see that kids are participating in showing them thanks,&uot; Anderson said. &uot;I saw them, some of them had tears in their eyes.&uot;