Vidalia District 1 candidates want jobs, infrastructure

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 3, 2005

VIDALIA, La. &045; Infrastructure improvements and new industries are what District 1 alderman candidates Audrey Gray and incumbent Carter Warner said would be among their priorities if elected.

Candidate Triand &uot;Tron&uot; McCoy could not be reached for comment by press time.

Audrey Gray

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Audrey Gray said that if elected, she would work to get jobs to Vidalia.

But before businesses can be convinced to open there, the town itself must be more well kept and its infrastructure further updated, Gray said.

Gray said she would push to get streets and sidewalks repaired and to build better flood control infrastructure.

She said she would also push for the town to apply for funding to assist in building new houses and fixing existing dilapidated houses for low-income and elderly people.

&uot;Our town can grow, but only if we have descent living standards,&uot; Gray said.

But as far as jobs are concerned, Gray said she would like to see the town help get more job training for residents and to recruit industries that would bring in jobs for people of all backgrounds and training levels.

In addition, Gray said is a good candidate for the job because, since she is currently a part-time college student, she has more time to spend listening to constituents’ concerns.

&uot;The people don’t have a voice,&uot; Gray said.

&uot;They need someone to represent them, someone with time dedicated to them.&uot;

Carter Warner

Carter Warner said Vidalia’s location on the Mississippi River is an important key to bringing in jobs.

With that in mind, he said he would work along with other elected officials to establish a port.

&uot;That way, we can use the river for importing and exporting, probably industries like shipyards and textile industries,&uot; Warner said.

The Vidalia Landing riverfront development is also a big part of the area’s economic development, he said.

Warner said he also wants to continue the job at a time when he says town officials are working to address infrastructure problems.

He said the town is planning to do more drainage and sidewalk improvements and work on further beautifying the town.

In addition to the riverfront development, Warner pointed to the success of the Louisiana Hydroelectric plant &045; and resulting utility rebates for citizens &045; as one of the town’s most recent accomplishments.

Warner said his years of experience on the board have given him a chance to learn the system and showed him how to work with other officials to get things done.

&uot;It has to be a teamwork thing,&uot; Warner said.