District keeping all informed of change

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Natchez-Adams Schools are preparing for some major changes, and so far they are keeping parents and teachers well informed of the overhaul.

This fall, students will be reorganized among the primary and elementary schools, with pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students at West Primary, first- and second-grade students at Frazier Primary, third- and fourth-graders at McLaurin and fifth- and sixth-graders at Morgantown.

That means some big moves &045; not only for the teachers but for the students.

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We hope the school district continues to keep everyone well informed of its plans. Some young students will have to make a move from familiar surroundings, and the school district is already planning open houses over the summer to help everyone get reacquainted with the school changes.

Durham School Services, which handles busing for the district, will have its hands full for the next few months as it juggles bus schedules and routes. Durham also plans to let parents and students know quickly about the impending changes.

In fact, the school changes may lead to a change in starting and ending times for some of the schools, and parents and students will want to know as soon as those decisions are made.

This is the first major change as a result of the desegregation order being lifted. School officials say the changes will help students interact better, save some money and improve school performance.

We hope the changes reap the benefits the district seeks, and we’re glad to see they’re keeping everyone in the loop as they make these major changes.