Mayors on right track with cooperation

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The mayors of the Miss-Lou’s three largest communities met quietly Friday to agree on a pledge that speaks volumes.

Natchez Mayor Phillip West, Ferriday Mayor Gene Allen and Vidalia Mayor Hyram Copeland agreed to work together to help the entire region succeed economically.

And the mayors plan to continue meeting &045; and to invite leaders from the public and private sectors to help achieve the goal of attracting new industry and creating new jobs.

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We commend the mayors for their show of unity. As they said Friday, there is strength in numbers &045; particularly as we look to state and federal legislative delegations for help with grants or other incentives to land new industries. Working together gives us new bargaining tools and also doubles the number of powerful people pulling for us.

It’s a natural fit for Adams County and Concordia Parish &045; as well as our neighbors in both states &045; to work together. Both Concordia Parish and Adams County sometimes feel a bit overlooked in their respective states, but we certainly belong together in our region.

And partnerships between states are not uncommon &045; Mississippi has worked with Alabama in the past, for example, on economic development projects. Our governors need to look at ways that Louisiana and Mississippi can work together as well.

Promoting that regional concept in economic development is essential, especially when you consider how much we all benefit when one community succeeds.

We urge all three communities to support their mayors in this endeavor, and we hope these meetings will continue and will expand.

Perhaps more people will be listening when we join our voices.