Tax renewal to build schools’ additions

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 17, 2005

In November, Concordia Parish residents overwhelmingly renewed a 13-mill tax to support education. Many probably thought little of the vote.

But on Tuesday night, Concordia Parish School District officials unveiled plans for major renovations at Vidalia and Ferriday high schools &045;&045; which would not have been possible without the renewed tax.

At Vidalia High, students will see a renovated science lab and library, as well as two new classrooms.

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At Ferriday High, the students will have a new band hall to house the enthusiastic students who participate in that activity.

At a time when much emphasis is placed on education funding &045;&045; or the lack of it &045;&045; it’s nice to see taxpayers’ money funding some important projects that will directly benefit students.

The Vidalia science lab will likely inspire some future doctors or researchers, while the Ferriday band hall will be a place where students can show off the many trophies they are winning.

In an ideal world, public schools would be palaces. They would be places were every child could not only

learn the basics but also spread their wings and stretch their minds to take advanced placement classes and participate in art, music and band. They would learn skills that will serve them not only in college but also in the workplace, and they would learn those skills in comfort and security.

Not every child has that opportunity.

But Ferriday and Vidalia high schools are at least going to get some improvements that will help the buildings look better, help the students learn more and help the communities market their quality of life.

Sounds like a win-win for the students and the community.