Vidalia aldermen decision up to code

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Vidalia aldermen made a smart move Tuesday by adopting a new building code that will make the community’s residences safer.

The new code will require some kind of permit for all electrical work. Any project above $7,500 will require the person doing the electrical work to pass a state test and earn a license to do that kind of work. Work below that amount will require the person to pass a local test and receive a permit.

The idea is to make sure that buildings meet the International Building Code, which sets the standard for construction procedures.

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That standard is met in 90 percent of the municipalities in the country &045;&045; including Natchez and Ferriday.

Some people at Tuesday’s meeting did not understand the need for the new codes, arguing that their buildings were safe as it was.

But the reason for having an international building code is to make sure there are uniform standards for construction, particularly as it relates to electrical work &045;&045; and to make sure that buildings are structurally sound and that the plumbing and electrical work is safe.

What’s more, passing this new code could help lower Vidalia’s fire rating &045;&045; which would likely save homeowners money on their insurance. Vidalia’s rating stands at a 3 right now, and it could not be any lower without this new code.

We’re glad to see aldermen taking a proactive stand toward protecting residents.