Vidalia home ‘talks’ via AM radio station

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 17, 2005

VIDALIA, La. &045; A &uot;talking house&uot; is surely the stuff of fantasy, right?

Actually, it’s another tool real estate agents can use to connect house buyers and sellers.

The system, which was developed about five years ago by Wisconsin-based company Radio Technologies, has made its way to the Miss-Lou in recent months.

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A sign advertising a property as a talking house could be found on a property Sunday afternoon on Holly Street, where The Dart landed.

The talking house works like this: A real estate agent places an AM radio transmitter &045; nothing but a small box &045; inside a property for sale.

A sign in front of the property directs those driving by to tune their radios to 1610 on the AM dial.

And when they do, they hear information on the property’s amenities and how to contact the real estate agent for more information.

In the case of the Holly Street, however, the transmission turned out to be an advertisement for Patti Sanders.

Sanders is a Century 21 real estate agent who has lived in the house for four years but just sold it and will soon move, as she put it, &uot;still in the area, but more out in the country.&uot;

Another talking house is located just a couple of blocks away in Vidalia, and another one is in Natchez.

Sanders said one reason it’s good to make your property a talking house

is that often, people who have just started looking for a new home don’t want the full sales pitch right off the bat.

The talking house gives them basic information and how to get more details when it’s convenient for them.

&uot;And it advertises your house even when an agent isn’t there,&uot; Sanders said.