World leaders stand by Britain, against terrorism

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 17, 2005

The pictures and eyewitness accounts coming from London Thursday were all too familiar &045; both for Americans who cannot forget the Sept. 11 attacks and for a world weary of terrorism.

But a picture from Scotland &045; one that on any other day would have been a typical photo op &045; spoke volumes about what is and will be the world’s response to such acts of terror.

As Tony Blair responded for the first time after attacks killed at least 37 of his countrymen, his fellow leaders gathered for the G8 summit in Scotland lined up behind him, stoically showing their support for the British prime minister.

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These are leaders &045; and allies &045; who have disagreed on many issues, most notably the war in Iraq.

But their support during this difficult time for the British people means far more than the photo can convey &045; it means a stand against terrorism in any form, in any land. That support, though, must translate to action &045;not just a photo opportunity.

Our hearts go out to the British people. They have lived through such terror before &045; though not on this scale since World War II. They stood with us on Sept. 11, and we will stand with them now and in the future.