Partners get tour of Morgantown School

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 30, 2005

Natchez &8212; Last year Morgantown was filled to its limits with an estimated 1200 students. This year the school has reduced the number to around 650 students, including more than 100 additions from hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Partners in Education were invited to tour the school and asked to provide any services that might be of benefit to the children. Information was provided to the partners about the school including Morgantown&8217;s recent step ahead from a level 2 in academics to a level 3. Marsalis said the school&8217;s goal is to reach level 5.

Morgantown provides most students with two sets of books. One set goes home with the students so they do not have to carry a cumbersome load and to ensure the children do not use a forgotten schoolbook as an excuse to not do homework. Many of the students brought in as a result of the hurricanes do not have this privilege, however, due to a lack of funds.

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Enrolled students also receive three sets of uniforms, books bags, trapper keepers, paper, pencils and an occasional bar of soap or toothbrush.

Morgantown has basic nursing care, two computer labs, a no child left behind policy, band, physical education, art classes, a behavior enrichment program and a cafeteria menu with healthy alternatives, such as a large salad, available to students.

&8220;We don&8217;t have any slow learners,&8221; Marsalis said. &8220;Anytime a child can learn they are not slow learners.&8221;