Ferriday welcomes two new officers

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 14, 2005

FERRIDAY &8212; Officers Connita Sones and Latasha Cain are bringing a little feminine touch the Ferriday Police Department.

The duo are the only female officers working for the department right now, though another female officer may be on the way soon, Ferriday Police Chief Robert Davis said.

Sones and Cain have both worked for FPD for some time in other capacities, but they completed a three-month police academy in Monroe Nov. 10.

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Sones has been ticket clerk and assistant court clerk for a year, duties she will continue to do in addition to her work as an officer. Sones said she only patrols when there is a need for extra officers, like parades and festivals.

Cain has worked as a dispatcher since January for the police department before becoming certified as an officer. Now she patrols the streets in 12-hour shifts with the other Ferriday officers.

&8220;I feel like I can let everybody know that a female can do what a male can do,&8221; Cain said. &8220;There&8217;s nothing holding me back.&8221;

Both women said having female officers helps in certain situations.

&8220;Especially with the young ladies, they may feel uncomfortable talking to a male officer,&8221; Sones said. &8220;Having us there can make things so much easier.&8221;

Davis said female officers can make a unique contribution to a department.

&8220;Anytime you&8217;re dealing with females and you have to do a search or anything like that, you need female officers,&8221; Davis said. &8220;Having them definitely adds something to our department.&8221;

Going through the academy was a rewarding, if difficult, experience, both officers said.

&8220;That very first week they hit you pretty hard with the physical stuff,&8221; Sones said. &8220;I think they&8217;re trying to figure out who&8217;s going to stay and who&8217;s going to go.&8221;

Sones, 46, was twice the age of most her classmates at the academy, she said.

&8220;It&8217;s definitely something to do when you&8217;re in your 20s,&8221; Sones said. &8220;I felt pretty good finishing third (in physical fitness tests) out of the six women.&8221;

Cain finished No. 1 among the women in her class in physical fitness.

&8220;It was great going through the levels and progressing,&8221; Cain said. &8220;I especially liked the fun stuff, the driving, the defensive tactics, the shooting, but the classroom stuff was OK too.&8221;

Sones said she plans to continue training, including learning to work with juveniles and domestic violence incidents. Cain said she wants to work as a patrol officer for a few years and then decide about the future.