Ferriday continues cleanup efforts

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 4, 2006

FERRIDAY &8212; Winter Cleanup Week is finished, but the effort to beautify the town continues, Mayor Gene Allen said.

And don&8217;t be surprised if it comes to a street near you.

&8220;I&8217;ve talked to Preferred Transport Company and they&8217;re going to be moving Dumpsters around town,&8221; he said.

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Allen said the town&8217;s two trash containers, normally housed at the city barn on First Street, will no longer be a stationary target for trash-throwers. Starting this week, they will be moved to different parts of town on a weekly basis.

The move is an attempt to accommodate people while reminding them that Ferriday could always be a little cleaner.

&8220;This way people won&8217;t have any excuses,&8221; he said.

&8220;We&8217;re taking the excuses away; we&8217;re tired of the excuses.&8221;

The schedule is fluid, so if you have some cleaning to do, Allen said, call city hall.

&8220;Tell us where you want it and we&8217;ll bring it,&8221; he said.

Allen said he requested from the Concordia Parish Correctional Facility a daily supply of inmates for Street Supervisor Antone Duncan to lead on a daily cleaning and beautifying mission between First and 10th streets in town.

&8220;I&8217;m asking for at least 10 inmates every day, we are going to continuously clean this city up,&8221; he said.

Allen said he was asking to get inmates who know how to handle machinery in hopes of having them work tractors and mowers to help spruce Ferriday up.