Death penalty fits some sex offenders

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sex crimes can be among the most disturbing crimes imaginable. The mere thought of someone forcing another to perform sexual acts against their will can send a disgusted shiver down one&8217;s back.

Fold in a young, helpless child victim and the most revolting nightmare emerges.

Molestation of a child is perhaps the worse crime another can commit.

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Some people would argue that murder is more heinous, more final. We disagree.

The innocence of a child&8217;s mind can never be fully mended, even after physical wounds have long healed.

Death can be quick and final. Life after molestation can be hell on earth, hell within one&8217;s own mind.South Carolina lawmakers understand those facts and are aiming to make the punishment for child sex crimes more severe.

The state&8217;s legislature is considering a bill that would allow the death penalty for some twice-convicted child sex offenders.

The bill under consideration would allow capital punishment as an option for offenders convicted twice of sexually assaulting children under age 11.

Lawmakers say the bill is likely to pass and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has announced his support.

Giving jurors the option of selecting the death penalty is among the most severe choices in our legal system.

In this case, however, we feel the punishment fits the crime.