Is your house properly marked?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 19, 2006

First responders to the hurricane-ravaged areas of the Mississippi Gulf Coast were struck by a sinking feeling &8212; they didn&8217;t have a clue where they were or where they were going.

Hurricane Katrina&8217;s high storm surge that ripped homes from their foundations also managed to wreak havoc on a vital, but seemingly insignificant matter &8212; the removal of road signs.

During most of our lives, we take these rather commonplace items for granted, until they&8217;re gone.

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Adams County has announced plans to crack down on residents who do not have their houses numbered properly according to the county&8217;s ordinance.

While it may seem trivial to some residents, the standard numbering formats have a purpose &8212; to help emergency personnel quickly and efficiently respond to trouble calls.

Imagine the frustration sheriff&8217;s deputies and paramedics have as they search in vain for an address on a mailbox that simply doesn&8217;t exist.

&8220;Is it this driveway or the next one?&8221; they wonder as the precious seconds tick off the clock.

We applaud the county for getting serious about the matter and hope the renewed enforcement efforts can get 100 percent compliance from county residents.

If your house isn&8217;t properly marked, get it fixed quickly. If you have questions call the Adams County Emergency Management office at 601-445-2266.

The life you save may be your own.