Supervisors about-face frightening

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 25, 2006

NIMBY wins again. Monday&8217;s burial of a plan to expand an existing county landfill was disappointing.

We are not necessarily disappointed that the expansion plan was nixed, but rather how the process of killing such a plan apparently works.

Few facts appeared to weigh into the decision-making. The deciding factor seems to be: How many people in opposition can you bring to the meeting?

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Concerns over damage to the environment were levied against the plan. While those are valid concerns, few facts were discussed. Speculation and conjecture were the nails in the coffin of the project.

That&8217;s worrisome not just in this case but as the county pursues other industrial prospects, too.

Despite all of the work to entice Rentech to build a coal gasification plant in the county, will it all go away if a few dozen residents head down to a supervisors&8217; meeting and let off a little steam?

We hope not.

Maybe the supervisors know more facts about the environmental impact of expanding the landfill than was discussed. And perhaps they know that the dangers outweighed any potential good benefits, but from where we stand it appears the plan was killed before all the answers were made public.

This Not In My Backyard

&8212; NIMBY &8212; style of government is dangerous unless the goal is absolutely no change in the county. If that&8217;s the case, we&8217;re ready for prime time of status quo.