Weddings days are everday for cake creator

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 2, 2006

NATCHEZ &8212; For some a wedding is the biggest day of their lifetime, for one Natchez woman it is part of a sweet daily routine.

Edna Welch, baker and co-owner of Edna&8217;s Cake Creations, located on John R. Junkin Drive, opened her business four years ago, but has been baking much longer than that.

&8220;It started out as a hobby years ago because I wanted to stay at home with my children,&8221; Welch said. &8220;It turned out to be more than I expected, so I called my daughter and said I either needed to retire or go bigger.&8221;

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Welch, who was baking out of her home when she began, said when her daughter said &8220;let&8217;s do it,&8221; she opened the business.

The Welchs make everything from scratch, and bake all sorts of sweets for events including

weddings, anniversary showers and


&8220;Natchez is a great destination for people who want to get married,&8221; Welch said. &8220;Trying to fulfill people&8217;s expectations can be difficult at times, but I do

love my job.&8221;

The Welchs deliver cakes all over the state and prices range from around $600 dollars for their time consuming creations, Welch


The staff will attempt to please the customer in any way with their baking creating some stress for the two owners, Welch said.

&8220;It can be stressful in this business with deadlines, but this is the event of

a lifetime, so it&8217;s got to be right,&8221; Welch said to the pressures of working around weddings. &8220;I like it because each cake is a work of art and that&8217;s a challenge.&8221;

Delivering the cake is also

a worrysome part of the job for the Welch&8217;s. A daily routine for the two ladies is never set

in stone including events like delivering a six tier cake with hand-made dogwood icing replicas on it.

&8220;Baking I love, but it has to be perfect when you get it there,&8221; Welch said on the event of

transporting an eatible artform across the state.

Welch and her daughter usually put in a minimum of 60 hours a week following recipes that have been passed down from family generations.

As for watching an artform dissappear after taking it across state, Welch said, &8220;Watching my creation being gobbled up isn&8217;t always fun, but each cake is work.&8221;

Cake Creations offers all sorts of sweets for the walk in visitor including cookies, lemon squares, brownies, an assortment of cakes and petits fours.

As to the success of the business for

the two ladies and the ingredient that got it there, Welch offered a simple explanation, &8220;I make a good cake.&8221;