We have seen into the future …

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 19, 2006

We&8217;ve got a secret. We can see into the future. Yep, that&8217;s correct. In fact, we saw hundreds of wonderful bits of the future in the past weekend as graduations began across the Miss-Lou.

Today&8217;s graduates are launching into the adult world in truly interesting times.

The negative among us will point to all of the bad, ominous things in the world.

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And they have a point to an extent. We&8217;re still at war. Terrorism is a constantly looming threat. Energy pricing remains high and the world economy is constantly changing.

But let&8217;s consider some of the positive things greeting our newest adults.

Our nation continues to be the world leader in personal freedom. With the help of young, smart people such as our new graduates, America is poised to become one of the world&8217;s leaders in alternative energy sources &8212; if we make it a priority.

Despite a changing economic landscape, our nation&8217;s economy is still showing strong signs of growth.

And, amazingly, today more than perhaps ever in history, the proliferation of technology is allowing more and more workers to literally work wherever they&8217;d like.

Hopefully that will help Southwest Mississippi and adjoining portions of Louisiana overcome the so-called &8220;brain drain&8221; that occurs when the best and brightest young minds must leave the area to seek employment.

As we&8217;ve looked into the faces of this year&8217;s graduates, we see a bright future ahead and we hope they agree.