Students have relaxing last day

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 25, 2006

NATCHEZ &8212; For their last day of school, students and teachers at Trinity Episcopal Day School and Cathedral

School had a half-day.

First-, second- and fourth- graders at Trinity were treated with a day without class and with a space walk and water slide.

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Children and teachers expressed a mix of emotions and shared their plans on what they will do this summer.

First grader Grant Falkenheiner, 7, plans to spend five days with his parents in Baton Rouge.

&8220;We learned a lot in school this year. We practiced in our phonics books a lot but I&8217;m looking forward to going to Chucky Cheese&8217;s with my mom and dad,&8221; Falkenheiner said.

Six-year old Camille Taylor said that her favorite thing is school this year was Fabulous Fun Fridays when she and her classmates would get to play with play-dough or draw.

Taylor and her mom are planning a special trip this summer.

&8220; My mama is taking me to stay at the Nickelodeon Hotel and ride the water slide,&8221; Taylor said.

First-grade teacher Melody Darsey, 49, says she is sad to see her kids go for the summer.

&8220;It was my first year to teach, and I&8217;m kind of looking forward to the break, but it is bittersweet to see them go. They&8217;re so precious,&8221; Darsey said.

Fourth grader Sarah Rodriguez, 10, is staying busy this summer.

&8220;I plan to go walking every morning with my mom, and I&8217;m taking a class on movie making,&8221; said Rodriguez.

&8220;My family and I are also going on a cruise to the Caribbean.&8221;

Jack Daly, 10, also has a full summer ahead of him.

&8220; I&8217;m going to Camp Alpine for ten days. They have a lot to do there like play flag-football, tennis or swimming,&8221; Daly said. &8220; I&8217;m also going to LSU football camp. I can&8217;t wait to meet Joseph Addia.&8221;

Headmaster Delecia Carey,41, will be working in June and July but it will be a break from the kids of Trinity and after work she&8217;ll have more time to spend with her children.

&8220; It will be nice to do some mom stuff this summer like take Thomas to his baseball games,&8221; Carey said.

At CHS some of the students stayed after school to help the teachers clean up their classrooms.

Hanna Howard, 14, is looking forward to becoming a freshman next year.

&8220; I&8217;m kind of nervous but I here it&8217;s a lot of fun,&8221; Howard said.

Howard plans to spend part of her

summer in Natchez and part of it in


&8220; I&8217;ll be at Pinecove Christian Camp in Texas

and spending time there with my dad. I&8217;ll also be here just hanging out with my friends,&8221; Howard said.

Mimi Nguyen, 17, of Fayette can&8217;t believe that next year she will be a senior.

&8220;It&8217;s kind of weird because things have gone by really fast. It seems like only yesterday I was a freshman and now I&8217;m about to graduate this weekend,&8221; Nguyen said.

As Key Club president she has a lot to plan for in the summer such as going to Boson for Key Club International.

Tenth and eleventh grade religion teacher

Mike Roboski is more that ready to start his summer break.

&8220; I hit the ground running this year. Between starting school twice because of Katrina, panning Ring Day, prom, all the retreats, the school play and CYO and turning 40, I&8217;m looking forward to doing house and yard work and being outside in the sunshine with my kids,&8221; Roboski said.