Still no body on third day

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 2, 2006

Deer Park &8212; Thursday afternoon thunderstorms postponed the ongoing search and rescue efforts to find the missing body of Jeffery D. Hauer.

Hauer, 35, of Natchez, was last seen yelling for help Tuesday in Old River by Deer Park residents.

Hauer was on a routine fishing trip when boat ramp neighbor Donna Culpit heard him yell for help and saw him in the water, but when she arrived, Hauer had disappeared into the water.

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The Concordia Parish Sheriff&8217;s Office received the call at 2:15 p.m., notifying officials of the missing man and revealing the fact his unmanned boat was circling aimlessly in the river.

&8220;We are about at the point now where we are just waiting,&8221; Adams County Sheriff&8217;s Search and Rescue Executive Director Karl Champlin said. &8220;All we can really do now is wait until this storm&8217;s gone, ride around and wait.&8221;

The Adams County unit is assisting Concordia Parish authorities in the search.

Lightning and wind were the major factors in the postponement of the ongoing search. Two cadaver dogs from South Louisiana were brought in Wednesday to try to pick up on the body&8217;s scents rising from the depths of the water, Champlin said.

&8220;We worked the dogs and drug the parts they picked up on, but its really the same areas we&8217;ve been working the whole time,&8221; Champlin said. &8220;This is such a big deep area of water it really would have been luck if we found the body. Now it&8217;s just going to be a matter of time.&8221;