County honors Brown, welcomes Walker

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 14, 2006

NATCHEZ &8212; It is a sad moment for the Adams County Board of Supervisors but a happy day for Charlie H. Brown and his retirement, district 4 supervisor Darryl Grennell said.

A small but moving

celebration was held for the retirement of Charles H. Brown at the Adams County Board of Supervisors meeting 9 a.m. Monday.

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Brown announced his retirement as the county&8217;s administrator on June 1, 2006.

Each of the members of the board stood up and said their own goodbyes, some sad, some funny.

&8220;It&8217;s said that your preacher keeps you out of hell, your doctor keeps you out of the hospital and your county administrator keeps you out of debt,&8221; district 1 supervisor, Samuel Cauthen said. &8220;Charlie did just that.&8221;

Brown received several going-away presents from employees and colleagues including a portable mp3 player to listen to while

jogging and a sterling silver mint julep cup and bottle of Bacardi rum for enjoying summer afternoons on his porch at Ingleside.

Brown, a George Gershwin fan, also had the song &8220;Summertime&8221; performed in his honor by Lljuana Grennell Weir.

Brown became Adams County&8217;s first administrator in 1989.

&8220;At the time I applied, I didn&8217;t think I get the job because I had a little age on me then,&8221; Brown said. &8220;But I&8217;m going to miss being involved with county government and all the good things that are on the horizon for Adams County.&8221;

Brown said that one of the most hectic times of the year for the county administrator is budget season.

&8220;There were good times when we had money and I was happy to balance the budget,&8221; Brown said. &8220;But there were years I hurt because we couldn&8217;t afford to give our employees the raises they deserved.&8221;

Brown also said that he would miss the relationships with the people he worked for and who worked for him and that he would even miss some of the more turbulent times he experienced with the board of supervisors.

&8220;Sometimes I was too blunt with the board during some

of the meetings and I&8217;d get frustrated and

leave,&8221; Brown said. &8220;But for the most part, they&8217;ve been very tolerant with the things I said.&8221;

The roll of Adams County administrator now belongs to Cathy Walker, who was sworn in after Brown made his farewell speech.

Walker is the second administrator for Adams County and its first female administrator.

&8220;I know that I&8217;ve got some big shoes to fill now that Charlie&8217;s leaving,&8221; Walker said. &8220;I appreciate the confidence that board has placed in me and I plan to do what&8217;s best for the citizens of Adams County.&8221;