New Natchez zoning proposal presented

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 16, 2006

Corinne Fox, a certified planner from Jackson, helped design the new code and presented it at the Natchez Planning Commission meeting Thursday. The new code provides for an agricultural zoning district, where farming and keeping farm animals would be permitted. It would also serve to hold lands until they are ready for development. The new villa residential zoning district will protect historic property. The code also provides for two different types of mobile home districts. Mobile homes would be concentrated in these districts &8220;rather than scattered mobile homes throughout the city,&8221; Fox said. The mobile home park residential district includes owned homes on rented lots. The mobile home subdivision residential district would require the owner to own both the house and the lot on which it stands. This would provide more of &8220;a neighborhood-type setting,&8221; Fox said. The commission debated mobile home districts, and a motion to include a provision for exceptions in the code was eventually voted down. The highway business district was formed to provide moderate restrictions on what visitors to town see first. &8220;Motorists&8217; first impression is the way they come into the city,&8221; Fox said, so some restrictions were appropriate. A special use district would cover institutions like airports, cemeteries and schools. The new code combines the city&8217;s telecommunication, sign and housing regulations into one document. &8220;It has been a very involved process as commissioners,&8221; City Planner Andrew Smith said. The next step toward legalizing the code is for the mayor and board of aldermen to approve it. They will probably bring it up at the next meeting on June 27, Smith said. After the code has been approved, the city will work with a contractor to draw maps delineating what areas of Natchez constitute what districts.

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