City planner position critical to city

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 2, 2006

Only when we move into cities, however, do we begin to run into some minor problems, particularly in the areas at which our land bumps into another&8217;s land. That&8217;s where planning comes into play. Planning is important in any community, but it&8217;s vital to Natchez. Recent problems in the city&8217;s planning department show what can happen when rules related to planning go awry. On South Commerce Street in the city&8217;s garden district, a planning goof has caused a rift between two neighbors over construction of a backyard pool. On the surface, the pool problem may seem a drop in the bucket, until it&8217;s in your backyard. Natchez is beautiful because of its history of intelligent planning. All of it &8212; from the initial construction to the preservation &8212; took planning. That&8217;s why it&8217;s vital that the City of Natchez carefully consider its next city planner.

The decision on who to hire needs to be made based on qualifications &8212; including the candidate&8217;s personality. We cannot afford to make another mistake in planning, or as Will Rogers might put it, &8220;Protect Natchez. They ain&8217;t making such places any more.&8221;

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