Mississippi should get a whiff of this

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 2, 2006

A decade ago, Mississippi was one of several states that sued several cigarette producers seeking compensation for state tax dollars spent helping treat smoking-related illnesses. The tobacco industry agreed to pay Mississippi more than $3 billion to settle the claim.

Last week, the Louisiana Legislature passed a bill that would ban smoking in the state&8217;s restaurants. All it needs now is the governor&8217;s signature to become law. On east side of the river, Mississippi lawmakers need to take on issue and ban smoking inside public restaurants, too.

Despite lobbying efforts of the tobacco companies, Mississippi must admit that smoking is bad.

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If not, then why did the state accept the multi-billion-dollar settlement? It&8217;s hypocritical to take money because smoking is bad, but not do all within your power to stop the use of an admittedly harmful substance. Even John Wayne knows that, and he&8217;s been dead for years.