Red Cross needs your help, support

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 2, 2006

Without more of each of those the local chapter may have to close its doors in the not-so-distant future, said Director John Goodrich. Across the nation, a lack of community financial support and volunteer support has forced the closure of hundreds of similar chapters, Goodrich said. His warning is not meant to be an ominous threat of an eminent closure. In fact, Goodrich said in the short term, the Adams County chapter is OK. Goodrich simply pointed out the livelihood of the chapter depends on the community&8217;s support. Last year&8217;s Katrina effort seems to have tapped into the chapter&8217;s &8220;rainy day&8221; fund. And if people do not step up to the plate and give, the storm clouds may be brewing. Red Cross volunteers are on the scenes of natural disasters almost as quickly as the emergency response personnel. They&8217;ve always been there for our community when disaster strikes. Now it&8217;s time for us to be there for them. Please consider making a donation or volunteer by calling 601-442-3656.

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