Don&8217;t let the Rentech ball stop rolling Ladies and gentlemen, the ball is rolling. But we cannot let up or the momentum might wane. Now is the time when our community&8217;s resolve and deter

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 6, 2006

Plans call for an approximate investment of $800 million which would bring with it 200 permanent jobs and 1,500 construction-phase jobs.

The economic impact, if things go as planned, could be huge. These kinds of economic development prospects can sometimes be slow in coming, but a constant, steady push can get things rolling. Local leaders have done a great job in coming together and working hand-in-hand to raise awareness of the project at the state level. The area&8217;s legislative leaders have been key in the process. Wednesday, the full Senate passed a bill to fully fund the $15 million request. Now the measure goes to the House where we hope continued pushing by our local and state leaders will keep things rolling in the direction of progress in Southwest Mississippi.

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