Tractors are great sign for area&8217;s future

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 9, 2006

If you start in the middle of downtown Natchez and head out in any direction on a major highway, you&8217;ll drive past construction projects under way. Heading out Liberty Road, however, will likely get you lost in the sea of orange construction markers where the intersection meets U.S. 61, which is under massive reconstruction. But that&8217;s another story for another day. After years of what seemed like a bit of stagnation. The Miss-Lou is growing &8212; fast. From new retail areas under construction to soon-to-be bustling residential subdivisions, our area is on the move. Each of these construction projects means good things for our area. We&8217;ve always said what&8217;s good for Natchez is good for Vidalia and what&8217;s good for Ferriday is good for Adams County.

Developers are seeing massive potential here and we think that potential has yet to be fully realized. Imagine what will happen if Rentech&8217;s plan to build a plant in our area becomes a reality. Hundreds of workers will need housing. And each of those new employees will need places to buy groceries, hardware and all the other of life&8217;s necessities. The potential for growth is staggering. So as you drive by the construction sites and see those tractors and bulldozers, think of the amazing progress our community is seeing &8212; and will continue to see in the days ahead. The excitement is enough to bring out the child in the most adult of us.

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