Education deserves to be fully funded Each election year politicians line up and preach about the importance of education. Like a new groom, they make the undying vow to do whatever it takes for the

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 10, 2006

Unfortunately, in all but one of the last nine years the MAEP has been shortchanged. Eight years of not funding the program adequately essentially cuts the legs out from under the program&8217;s true purpose. Continuing to skimp on public education will result in our continued undercutting the potential of Mississippi students. Amazingly, some of those students continue to excel despite working in a less than adequate system. Recently, the state chose to pass a law that promises to phase in full funding for MAEP over the next four years. Let&8217;s hope that happens. Maybe one day soon &8220;adequate&8221; won&8217;t be the goal we&8217;re aiming to reach. Mississippi&8217;s students deserve more than just aiming to be adequate; they deserve excellence.

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