Miss-Lou area full of good news

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 10, 2006

4After months of construction and anticipation, the Doctors&8217; Pavilion, next to Natchez Regional Medical Center, opened its doors for business. Although the building is only partially finished &8212; two offices opened while the others are still under construction &8212; the facility&8217;s soft opening has already shown the potential it has in improving the quality of medical facilities in the area. 4Developer Tom Bauer signed on the dotted line to purchase the property across from the Natchez Convention Center. Bauer plans to build a much-anticipated convention center hotel. We look forward to seeing the hotel become a reality and know that Bauer&8217;s promise to make the structure &8220;fit&8221; into Natchez&8217;s historic downtown will make the difference between being just a hotel and being something in which Natchez can take pride.

4Ferriday&8217;s revitalization plans continue moving forward. Last week the group working on the plans began considering the construction of a carousel in downtown. We hope your week is filled with good news.

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