Natchez Nationals cannot stop bat onslaught from McComb All-Stars

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 19, 2006

NATCHEZ &8212; The inevitable took place Saturday night at Carroll-Jones field as the McComb All-Stars closed out the Natchez Dixie Youth Coach Pitch sub-district tournament by making light work of the competition and winning 25-9 over the Natchez Nationals in the championship game.

After opening round wins by the score of 34-1 and 35-2 over Magnolia and Walthall, no one gave the Natchez Nationals much of a chance at fairing any better than any of the other teams in the tournament; but the Nationals put forth an effort in the championship game to be proud of.

Whispers from parents and coaches of unethical play by the McComb All-Star coaching staff tainted the atmosphere heading into the championship game, but Dixie League Youth officials could find no evidence of any wrong-doing or rule violations by the McComb coaching staff.

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The first inning started out just like one might suspect, with McComb quickly putting three runs on the board. The Nationals responded by tying the game up, thanks in part to a two-run triple by Patrick Washington.

The second inning closed just like the first with the Nationals going ahead 4-5, after Jeremy Miles scored from third on a fielding error.

Through three innings, the Nationals gave McComb all they could handle, and were ahead 8-7 leading into the fourth inning. A two-run double by Bradley Jones put the tying run on the board, and a single by Washington gave the Nationals the go-ahead run.

But the lead was short-lived for the home team, when the McComb All-Stars put up four unanswered runs in the fourth-inning.

The flood-gates busted open in the fifth and final inning of play, as the Nationals failed to answer a 14-run onslaught from the McComb All-Star order, which batted all the way around and tallied 16 hits to earn the win.